5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch The Nicolai Friedrich Show!

No matter who you are and what you do, everyone just loves to be amazed. So kicking back with your family and enjoying this magical extravaganza is a great thing to do over the holidays and here’s why.

#1 Numero Uno: Nicolai Friedrich is one of the world’s best mentalist!

Nicolai Friedrich belongs to the new generation of Magicians who is a world-renowned mind reader, whose illusions have enamoured and mesmerised the audience across different cultures and countries.

It is no surprise that Nicolai Friedrich won the best performer award in the ‘Mental Magic’ category at the prestigious ‘FISM World Championship of Magic’ in Beijing.

He has also bagged the prestigious Siegfried & Roy ‘Sarmoti Award’ in Las Vegas and was invited to perform at the world-famous ‘Magic Castle’ in Hollywood. And even magic superstar David Copperfield bought the exclusive US-TV-rights for Nicolai Friedrichs effect
‘Mona Lisa’s smile’.

#2 The Festive Feeling!

The festive theme means this show is a great option if you’re looking for something different to get you feeling festive. It is the most magical time of year after all and the show if remarkable tricks that will leave you gasping in disbelief!

#3 You get to be part of the Show!

Yes, you heard us right, not only do you get to enjoy this spectacle but also the audience with platinum tickets gets to interact with the maestro Nicolai and part take in one of his performance… How cool is that?!

#4 Nicolai successfully predicted the TOTO

Back in 2017, during his Singapore tour, Nicolai pulled off yet another impossible feat where he successfully predicted the TOTO. Furthermore, to humour his fans, he has also unveiled the winning team of the World Cup Soccer in advance! Hats off to this guy!

#5 Because the magic happens live, in your living rooms!

Nicolai Friedrich together with AGP World One has put together a show exclusively for you guys that you can enjoy with your loved ones, right from the comfort of your homes. All that’s left is a bowl of popcorn & your favourite beverage, and you are all set to witness the magic unfold!

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