Blame it on Yashraj – 100th Show Pictures

We celebrated another success recently with the 100th show of Blame it on Yashraj at the Tata Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai. Here are a few images from the show for those who missed it!

Bharat Dabholkar

“100th show of an originally written English play is a sort of a record in India and to achieve this through a continuous nonstop run is a great achievement and however niche we thank the audiences for this is not enough.”

Ashvin Gidwani

“After the hearty response of “Blame It On Yashraj” that we received within India, I decided to take this on a global platform. The reaction was overwhelming and here we are today celebrating our success over 100 shows across 4 continents. We welcome you to come and experience the 100th show of “Blame It On Yashraj” with the promise of greater energy and enthusiasm as our first show.”

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