Our founder’s take on the budget

Our founder, Mr. Ashvin Gidwani, put forth his point of view on the recently announced 2017 budget and its impact on the entertainment industry. Here is an excerpt from the article published in Business World.

Ashwin Gidwani, MD, and producer of AGP World said: “The budget is progressive and will give India a boost in the long run. It also aims at India being a compliant and digitally enhanced economy. It will also help small businesses progress and contribute to entrepreneurship in our country. We still don’t know what the fine print says about the Entertainment Economy and in particular exorbitant Entertainment Tax which discourages companies like ours to promote and produce international talent in our country. Nonetheless, I am very happy about the demonetization exercise as we brought Stomp to India and saw great success despite the cash crunch.”

Read the complete article here

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