Devdas – The Musical

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
From The Heart of Bollywood
India’s Romeo & Juliet!

A Broadway-style rendition of the timeless Indian love saga, ‘Devdas – the Musical’ will pull at the heartstrings of global audiences with technology, soul-stirring melodies, stunning dance sequences, and poignant performances!

Inspired by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic novella, AGP World brings to you Ashvin Gidwani’s Devdas – The Musical, a spectacular theatrical production that reimagines the timeless tale in a larger-than-life format.

The 100-minute multi-starrer explores the saga of star-crossed lovers Devdas and Paro, torn apart by unfortunate circumstances. This iconic tale of love in its purest form has been re-told time and again, the most notable on-screen adaptation being a Bollywood blockbuster movie starring Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Now, watch the biggest theatrical incarnation in a Broadway style with elaborate set designs, vibrant colors, evocative lighting, and special effects to recreate the opulence of India’s former capital, Calcutta during the early 1900s.

The novel, published over 100 years ago, is probably one of the most famous love sagas in Indian Classical Literature. In this theatrical rendition, the storyline has a universal appeal. An opportunity to delight hearts with eternal music and dance to continue the rich legacy, Devdas is adapted and directed for stage, with original content that connects with the audience through original music, enriching dialogue, dance, and theatrics, woven with seamless production values that are revered in Indian Theatre.

Produced by: Ashvin Gidwani Productions

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