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In our quest to find the best talent from the world and showcase them in India, we have added another gem, Hotel Paradiso by Familie Floez (Familie Flöz).

We are very excited with their pan-India tour by AGP World. Just check out the raging reviews the show has got throughout the world!

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

…Hotel Paradiso is a great example, so see it while you can. The masks cover the actors’ faces completely with exaggerated features and neutral expressions…

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…During this masterful 75-minute show not a single word is spoken nor a facial muscle exercised. Yet everything from love to grief, a sexual desire to horror is expressed…

The List

..’No words! Just applause!’..

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Leicester Mercury

…Curve is the only UK date for this delicious black comedy, but if Hotel Paradiso comes this way again, make a booking, for it is a true masterpiece. Ahem…

Such masterpieces come along only a few times in a lifetime.

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