AGP World brings Jason Byrne to India

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AGP World, producers of shows like HISTORY OF INDIA, BLAME IT ON YASHRAJ, BOTTOMS UP, TWO TO TANGO THREE TO JIVE, THE SCENT OF A MAN and BATTLE OF DA SEXES is presenting stand-up comedian Jason Byrne to the Indian public for the very first time with shows in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi.

Jason Byrne is an Irish comedian who has participated several times in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Wikipedia says ”Many of Byrne’s live routines involve audience participation, and the subsequent humiliation of those audience members by placing them in awkward and stressful situations.”

In the show JASON BYRNE IS PROPPED UP, he revisits his comedy roots, and where he manages to find ducks, false chins, portable igloos, bewildered owls, dolphins and much, much more. –

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